Corporate Design Solutions: Our Mission

Corporate Design Solutions’ mission is to build a company that focuses on improving the lives of our employees, thereby producing organic customer service for our clients. We believe that by treating employees right, allowing them to grow through training, and enabling them to achieve challenging goals that we will make a change to the traditional work environment.

The CDS Difference

Corporate Design Solutions is a customer service oriented company; we value our clients. We believe that if you do not have great customer service, it doesn’t matter how good your IT services are.

At CDS we understand business. We align your IT with your business objectives, and not the other way around. Too many times IT consultants have you overspend on hardware, use software that has unnecessary OPEX, and most of all tell you what your business needs to do. Corporate Design Solutions is not here to tell you how you should run your business, we are here to meet your business goals and provide a solid IT backbone.

Michael Polak III is the founder and CEO of Corporate Design Solutions LLC. He is skilled in a diverse array of software, hardware, and network components. He has a proven talent for quickly acquiring expertise in new technologies and procedures, being a consummate communicator, and possessing solid leadership and training skills. Michael has worked with various small to enterprise companies to bring new cutting edge technology to them, and provide technical solutions.

Mr. Polak has extensive knowledge in the Information Technology field, with a strong understanding of IT disciplines. He understands the importance of building and maintaining solid relationships with clients and consultants, in addition to the urgency in delivering qualified results in a timely manner.

Michael Polak III formed CDS to bring enterprise-quality IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. Mr. Polak’s priority is always customer service and creating an environment that technicians can learn, be challenged, and love to come work every day.

Michael is the father of a two year old girl and a five year old boy. He and his wife, Elena, are happily married. Michaels’s passion other than computers, has always been his family. 

Why a trusted IT company is so important?

At CDS we see so many companies getting burned by fly-by-night IT companies. Usually, those companies are run by unqualified business professionals and technicians straight out of college. Because the owners lack business knowledge and how to treat a client right, they end up closing within a year and go back to corporate jobs.

At Corporate Design Solutions we are here to stay, and all of our employees are talented. Each employee brings a high level of business experience and our managers have several years of executive experience. We focus on the quality service we provide and scale our company according to the projects at hand. If we do not have experienced talent for a given project, we have qualified experts that we always have access to. Give us a call so that we can lead you into the future and save your business money.

Call Corporate Design Solutions now so that we can help you build your custom web apps and grow your business through technology!