Tech Company on Windows 11

Tech Company on Windows 11

As a tech company we use Windows Operating System and we are excited for Windows 11 to release today! But we thought you might have some questions about what makes it different from Windows 10, and why you should upgrade. So, we are here to provide you a brief overview of Windows 11. 

New Design 

The new design is modern and clean. It is designed to be easy to use and to create a sense of calm; and as a tech company who deals with a lot of clients’ issues, we know you will love that. The Start menu will utilize the cloud and Microsoft 365 files no matter what device you are using. As we move between our computers more and more frequently, we know this is an important feature for all our clients. 

Multitasking Ease 

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops now provide an even better way to multitask and provide more screen “real estate.” Let’s face it, as a tech company we all know how important this feature is. Chatting in Microsoft Teams also being available on the taskbar will also allow for multitasking in a more efficient manner. Not only that but this will allow people to connect with others quicker…because “time is money.” 

Use of AI 

Windows 11 will use AI to personalize your feed. You will have access to widgets that will let you retrieve information you care about faster, as well as provide speed and productivity features in tandem with Microsoft Edge so that you can get more done on the Internet. This is one of the features that we are most excited about. 

Improved Microsoft Store 

Windows 11 comes with the updated Microsoft Store. The new store features a different design that makes it easier for users to search for their favorite apps, etc. in one trusted and reliable location. Android apps will be available on Windows 11 now more than ever, thanks to Windows’ collaboration with Amazon and Intel. Additionally, the store will have increased opportunities for developers to bring their new apps on board, which means access to more apps to improve your experience. As a tech company, we know how apps can improve a client’s experience, and we are excited for how this will make our clients’ lives easier. 

Windows 11 Usability 

Windows 11 is designed to be most inclusive version of Windows to date. New accessibility features and improvements were built by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. This version is also optimized for speed, efficiency, and improved experiences for those using voice commands or touch to do work and interact with screens. Finally, Windows 11 is optimized for hybrid work. More and more companies have realized the importance of teleworking with the pandemic, and so Windows is pleased to announce improvements that will make teleworking easier for users. 

We think you will be excited about all the new features that Windows has to offer on Windows 11, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of all the new improvements. To read more about Windows 11, head here; and if you have any questions about Windows 11 after you download it you can contact us via our Contact Page