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Corporate Design Solutions: Our Mission Corporate Design Solutions’ mission is to build a company that focuses on improving the lives of our employees, thereby producing organic customer service for our clients. We believe that by treating employees right, allowing …

IT Consulting – Serving the Las Vegas Valley

Ever watch a bunch of frustrated people in a room while they are trying to figure out a solution to a problem, sometimes for hours? Usually, their frustration is because they only know a piece of the overall problem’s solution. IT consulting, such as ourselves, …

IT Managed Service Provider

Need an IT Managed Service Provider? Are you at the stage that you need to hire a full time IT staff, but do not want to pay for employee benefits and high salaries? Good IT staff is not cheap; and going cheap puts your IT security at risk. Corporate Design Solutions …

IT Security – It is timing not if!

We all heard of IT Security stories, so here is a common one. So you hired an IT guy and he set up your whole network and you are set up and ready to operate. You decide as a business that your network is good to go and you do not need ongoing support. Two weeks later a

Corporate Design Solutions

 Is an IT Consulting and Security Company. We work with small and medium-sized businesses to give them the same level of access to quality IT Support that enterprise companies have.

Why we are different

Corporate Design Solutions is a customer service oriented company; we value our clients. We believe that if you do not have great customer service, it doesn’t matter how good your IT services are.

Things can happen quickly in small businesses, so we’ve designed our security to match that.

A Simplified security experience

Protect your entire business with a powerful, yet simple, security approach. Our security solutions work as a team to detect threats earlier and faster. Strengthen your security strategy and reduce risk with solutions you can rely on.

Possible network security solutions include firewalls, anti-virus software, web filtering, patch management, built-in VPNs, and regularly scheduled check-ups from your IT service provider. Help desk support is a vital tool for any business that doesn’t have an in-house IT team.