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We help business to easily understand how to Protect their customers data, identify, and provide a safe environment for business transactions to take place. CDS offers I.T. Managed Services that include I.T. Security built in and I.T. Support to keep your company running with no down time.

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    Stop wasting valuable time on tech work, so that you can focus on building your business. We give you peace of mind and take care of everything for you.

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    We keep eyes on your computer and networks 24/7/365. We know the bad guys don't sleep and neither do we.


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Choosing the right outsource IT services provider can be critical for any company who relies heavily on their information technologies. Tech Source is one of the top it companies providing IT managed services and IT managed security services nationwide with a focus on Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, offering businesses the assistance of certified experts in data recovery, virus removal, cybersecurity protection and IT consulting to help them outsource their IT systems as stress-free as possible. Many attest to their reputation as a best-in-class tech source for all things related to outsource IT services. If you’re in need of a reliable it support company near you, take comfort in knowing that Tech Source provides professionals boasting decades of combined experience who go above and beyond expectations.

By choosing one of the top IT companies in Las Vegas, businesses can access a range of services from IT Managed Services and IT Managed Security Services to data recovery and virus removal. Through outsourcing these crucial IT-related processes, the company can gain a competitive edge by ensuring maximum uptime for their vital operations. A reliable IT consulting organization can provide organizations with advice and assistance on suitable solutions that meet their particular needs from best use of technology to Cybersecurity protocols and more. The right tech support company will be available quickly in times of need, making sure that business goals are met with minimal interruption or disruption. Finding the right IT partner near you has never been easier with many top-rated firms ready to connect and provide the necessary assistance.